Dilip Ghosh on Separate North Bengal: BJP does not agree with ‘separate North Bengal’ demand, says Dilip Ghosh in Siliguri! He raised the issue of deprivation

# Shiliguri: “The allegation of deprivation against North Bengal is not new. The long-standing grievances are with the residents. So sometimes a separate Kamatapur state, sometimes a separate Gorkhaland has been raised on this land. I don’t think so. ” Arriving at the NJP station on a three-day visit to North Bengal on Saturday, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said. BJP is in favor of small states? In reply, he said, “Yes, many states have been broken up into separate states. But there is no decision yet in West Bengal.”

Asked if there is any possibility of this happening in the coming days, Dilip Ghosh said, “The party’s Alipurduar MP John Barla is still adamant in his declaration on a separate North Bengal state or Union Territory. He also said that it will happen. ” Several BJP MLAs from the north are standing by his side. The state BJP leadership is extremely uneasy about this.

Meanwhile, the leaders and activists of the ruling party have come down to the ground to take up the issue of state division of the Gerua camp. In this situation, the three-day visit of state BJP president Dilip Ghosh to North Bengal today is quite significant. Because yesterday at the Raj Bhavan in Darjeeling, representatives of the BJP’s ally CPRM, ABGL and the Gorkha State Congress have asked the Governor for a separate Gorkhaland. However, according to the BJP state president, his visit was mainly aimed at strengthening the party organization.

Pre-vote ahead. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Padma Shibir won 6 out of 7 seats in the North. In the recently concluded assembly elections, the south was defeated, but the north did well. The BJP has won 30 out of 54 seats. However, the BJP has a challenge to retain the party MLAs. Because after Mukul Roy joined the Trinamool Congress, there were rumors that several BJP MLAs were leaving the party. However, Dilip Ghosh demanded, “Not a single MLA will leave the party. Those who have left have left. The party is free of rubbish. This time the fight is over. This tour is to start his preparations.”

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