Firhad Hakim denies allegation of knowing fake vaccination mastermind ‘Hello, is it a big scandal?’ Firhad angry over Debanjan debate – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Does greeting someone mean being part of a scandal? The question was raised by Firhad Hakim, the head of the Kolkata Municipal Board of Administrators and the state’s transport minister, over his involvement in the fake vaccine scandal.

A picture has surfaced of Firhad Hakim saluting Devanjan Deb, the main accused in the vaccine case. Debanjan Deb’s previous acquaintance with Firhad Hakim has been alleged in the context of that photo. An angry Firhad Hakim raised a counter question on this day, ‘Does greeting someone mean a scandal? Do we do human work just to be scolded? ‘

Firhad Hakim claimed that a number of doctors had come to the municipality to hand over masks and sanitizers on behalf of the Indian Medical Association during the Corona Emergency. Debanjan was also present at the event Firhad Hakim said, ‘We wanted masks and sanitizers to give to people Organizations like Lions Club and Rotary Club have also helped us On behalf of IMA also some doctors came to give us masks and sanitizers I greeted them If there is anyone else, how do I know? Does salutation mean getting involved in scandals? ‘

There is also controversy over the name of Devanjan Deb with Firhad Hakim on the plaque under the statue of Rabindranath in Taltala. Firhad Hakim countered, “Even though we were invited to the event, no one went.” How do I know where the plaque is? Did the blade ask me? ‘ In a sarcastic tone, Firhad added, “We have the opportunity to bring those who work for the people to the fore.”

Firhad Hakim, however, said that those who had received the vaccine at the bogus camp in Kasba would be examined by doctors at the Calcutta Medical College and the municipality. Arrangements will also be made by the municipality to re-vaccinate them Firhad also requested people not to get vaccinated from any camp He suggested that people get vaccinated only from municipal health centers or government-approved private hospitals or vaccination centers.

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