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#Kolkata: Fighting is raging in the country over the threat of Coronavirus Third Wave. Meanwhile, the Delta Plus variant is raising concerns. A new strain of coronavirus is Delta Plus Variant. The Union Ministry of Health thinks that this new strain is going to be terrible enough. Many are also affected by the new strain. The whole country is already affected by 48. Alerts have already been issued in 11 states, including Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The central government has termed the Delta Plus species as a ‘variant of concern’. Simply put, there has been no particular concern about this species for so long, but this time it has become a cause for concern.

What is the reason for concern with this variant (Delta Plus Variant)?

There are concerns about this variant because 30 out of 200 infected people in the world are from India. Therefore, it is feared that this variant may have a huge impact in the near future. Delta Plus has been created by changing the virus form from Delta. The world is concerned about the delta species of India (B.1.617.2). Because, this species can be much more contagious. Studies have shown that it spreads to a much faster number of people.

Symptoms of the Delta Plus variant:

The Delta Plus variant can cause abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and joint pain. It can also cause fever, fatigue, sore throat, shortness of breath, dry cough, skin problems, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste, loss of smell.

How dangerous is this species (Delta Plus Variant)?

According to experts, Delta Plus can enter the human body and attack the lungs more quickly. The researchers said that the virus could spread rapidly by breaking down the cells that surround the lungs.

In addition, the monoclonal antibody cocktail is not very effective in the case of Delta Plus. So if this species is infected, it can have serious effects on the body. Experts fear so. Evidence of this new species has already been found in a total of 9 countries, including Japan, Switzerland, Britain, and the United States. Many scientists have questioned the effectiveness of the covid antidote that is now available in this new species. However, research on this is still ongoing.

Who will be able to overcome the conventional vaccine Delta Plus at all?

This is not yet proven. However, public health experts believe that extreme precautions should be taken. In the words of Kajal Krishna Banik, a public health expert from Kolkata, ‘The first religion of this strain is to grab the human lungs. Naturally the infection will be acute when it occurs. The second religion is to spread the infection to many people at once.

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