Mimi Chakraborty: Mimi Chakraborty suddenly ill from dawn! Treatment at home …

#Kolkata: Trinamool MP and actress Mimi Chakraborty, a victim of Kasba Fake Vaccination, has suddenly fallen ill since early last night. He is currently undergoing treatment at home. It was initially reported that Mimi Chakraborty Health fainted in the early hours of the night due to dehydration and high blood pressure. His maid was with him at that time. Mimi’s assistant was immediately notified. The doctor came running. However, after the initial health examination, the doctor said that the illness may have been due to panic.

Sources said Mimi had been weak since Friday night. Then, around 3 am on Saturday, he suddenly started feeling very ill. Begins to sweat. After that Mimi Chakraborty became unconscious. The maid called the assistant after the initial care. He ran and informed the doctor. He said, ‘The actress lost consciousness due to severe dehydration, extremely low blood pressure and nausea. He already has gall bladder problems and liver-related problems. Fear of his health has increased in this situation.

According to sources, Mimi Chakraborty underwent all the blood tests and other tests on Friday after the Kasba fake vaccine case came to light. Mimi was quite worried about what had entered her body instead of the vaccine. Mimi told the media that she already had liver problems. Although he has not yet had any physical problems with the fake vaccine. Mimi still doesn’t want to take the risk. His health test report was good. But even then the doctor is worried about why the illness happened. According to the source, the doctor thinks that his anxiety or panic may be the reason behind Mimi’s illness.

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