Phone call to Kolkata Primary School Education Parliament Office as IAS, Tika Jaliat Debanjan’s new fame

#Kolkata: Investigating officers have again come across a shocking information in the Kasba fake IAS case. It is learned that Debanjan also called the office of the Primary School Education Parliament of Kolkata district located in Kasba with IS identity.

According to sources, one to one and a half months ago, Debanjan called Kartik Manna, chairperson of the primary education parliament of Kolkata district. Called himself an IAS officer. Although at that time the chairman of the Calcutta District Primary Education Parliament made it clear on the phone that if he had anything to say, he should talk to the secretary of the office. Karthik Manna claims that at that time Devanjan Dev threatened him from the opposite side of Fing. Devanjan said, ‘I am an IAS officer. Won’t you listen to me? ‘ But even then, Karthik Manna remained adamant in his statement. However, it remains to be seen whether Debanjan Dev contacted anyone else at the Kasbar Primary School Education Parliament office at that time. That matter is being investigated. It is to be mentioned that the office of the Primary School Education Parliament of Calcutta District is a stone’s throw away from Kasba Thana.

The health department has already called for a report on the vaccine fraud case. A report has been called to Kasba police station and Central Family Welfare Store. Intelligence officials are trying to find out whether the vaccine was bought from Central Godown or whether the accused Devanjan bought the vaccine from a private hospital, or why he was giving free vaccines.

On the other hand, one shocking information after another is coming up after interrogating Debanjan. He claimed, ‘He bought the vaccine from Bagri market. The vaccination program was going on for 5-6 days. An immunization program was organized with an NGO. Debanjan further said in the interrogation, ‘He rented an office in the area 4-5 months ago. 10-12 people were recruited for vaccination. All those workers were paid. However, the police have not yet been able to find out who else was involved in the incident with Debanjan. Investigating officers are investigating whether he bought the vaccine after questioning the accused and whether there is any other big head involved with him.

Incidentally, a vaccination camp was organized near Kasba New Market COVID19 vaccination camp on Tuesday 22 June. Free vaccinations are provided for specially able children and homosexuals. MP Actress Mimi Chakraborty was present on the occasion. He also got vaccinated in this camp. But it was later revealed that the organizer of the camp, Devanjan Dev, who identified himself as an IAS officer, was not a government official at all.

Somraj Banerjee

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