Sarat Patra who administered fake vaccine to Mimi Chakraborty did not have training No training, hundreds of people including Mimi ‘vaccinated’ in fake camp – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: For about 25 years, he has been collecting blood and giving injections for pathological examinations But he has no experience in vaccinating against corona Training is far away It is alleged that the fake vaccine was given to an average of 100 people every day in the camp of the fraudulent Debanjan Deb. He even vaccinated Kasba MP Mimi Chakraborty on June 22

Autumn pot was found in Taltola area of ​​central Kolkata on this day after the fake vaccine incident came to light. He went from house to house through a pathological lab in Taltala’s Doctor Lane to collect blood samples. Sharat Patra, however, unabashedly admitted that he had no idea about the vaccine Saratbabu claims that he also vaccinated Debanjan’s parents on the first day And seeing the huge IAS officer, his courage also increased Saratbabu claims that even then he did not know that Debanjan was a fake IAS officer “I was told to give an injection,” he said I didn’t know anything about vaccines. ” But the question arises as to why he continued to work even after knowing that he had to be vaccinated

Not only that, on this day, he also took out a vial or bottle of fake vaccine used in Devanjan Dev’s camp from his bag and showed it to Sharat Patra. The bottle was labeled Corona Ticker but did not mention any batch number or expiry date. As soon as you pull it with your hand, the paper comes up and the label of Amicassin antibiotic comes out on the bottom. However, it has an expiry date of 7 Sharat Patra admits that he came to know about this while working in Devanjan’s camp. Despite being in the profession for so long, Sharat Patra could not give a good answer to the question as to why he did not have any doubts about it. He just said, ‘I saw him get the vaccine himself, he gave it to his parents. Everyone from MPs to senior municipal officials are getting the vaccine, so I have no doubt. After giving the ‘vaccine’ to actress, MP Mimi Chakraborty, Sharat’s confidence increased even more.

According to Sharat, the fake IAS officer was introduced to him by Shantanu Manna, an acquaintance of Devanjan Dev. On the first day, he got 1400 rupees by vaccinating four people Since then, Sharat has been working for Devanjan

Originally a resident of Orissa, Sharat passed 8th class Police have not yet called and questioned him in connection with the fake vaccine case Today, on Saturday, his train ticket to return to Orissa has been cut The question is why the police did not talk to Sharat about the fake vaccine case till Friday

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