Sunderban Tidal Alert: Kota-thorns full of Saturday on the wounds of Yas not dried! The Sundarbans is seeing lightning signals

The water has already started rising since Friday morning in six blocks of the Sundarbans such as Hingalganj, Hasnabad, Sandeshkhali 1-2, Haroa, Matla, Rayamangal, Kalindi, Dasa, Vidyadhari, Gaureshwar and Kalagachhi near Minakhar. The rainy season has started with that. That is why the residents of Sundarbans are seeing clouds in Sindur again. At present the common people of Bholakhali or Bhanga Tuskhali of Sandeshkhali or Nazat, Kalinagar, Dhamakhali, Hatgachhi are living on the river embankment or on the side of the road. One month after the disaster, many still could not return home.

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