The name of the fuel is fuel, Madan Mitra pulled the rickshaw himself by putting the driver in the seat in protest of the price increase!

Kolkata: Former state transport minister Madan Mitra has staged a protest against the abnormal rise in petrol prices. Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra pulled a hand-drawn rickshaw in protest of the petrol price hike on Saturday afternoon. His pair matched the burden of protesting in a fancy manner on various issues across the state. This time he also took to the streets in protest of the continuous increase in the price of petrol and diesel. He protested by pulling a rickshaw in his home area Bhabanipur

Madan Mitra came out after the red Punjabi on Saturday. He started pulling the rickshaw. A fancy protest of the former transport minister took place on a 1 km road in the market area of ​​Bhabanipur. The rickshaw was decorated with marigold garlands. And the rickshaw driver himself was riding. As long as Madan Mitra pulled the rickshaw, the sound of “O Lovely” flew from the side of the road.

Madan Babu, however, said, “Lovely situation is no more now. The way the central government is gradually increasing the price, it is ruining people’s lives. “Don’t push the taxi. They will trust this rickshaw. So I started driving the rickshaw.”

He said that he would join the movement in the coming days in view of the way fuel prices are rising. Note that Madan Mitra started giving vegetables at 5 kg market in Bhabanipur for 1 taka. On this day, Madan Mitra handed over fresh vegetables to about 50 people. He said, “People have to be by their side in times of emergency. People are in trouble. There are a lot of people in this area who have a family to eat day in and day out.

Incidentally, Madan Mitra has been serving free food for several months. However, Madan Mitra has attacked the BJP camp in social work. According to Madan Mitra, the BJP camp will understand in a few days the way people are getting angry over the price hike.

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