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#Kolkata: Kirtiman also played cricket. Fake IAS officer Debanjan Deb (Fake IAS Debanjan Deb) started trying to hit four sixes after pads and gloves. He was going to play cricket regularly at a coaching camp in Rajpur recently.

Ajay Ghosh has been running a cricket coaching camp for a long time at Nandan Milon Bithi ground in Rajpur. He himself played club cricket at Kolkata Maidan. Devanjan Deb appeared to Ajay Babu in his forties in March through an acquaintance. Introduced, he is an IAS officer. Here, as in other places, he said, he holds important positions in the Calcutta Municipality. They want to practice a few for the municipal cricket team. Ajay Babu said, “When I saw the armed bodyguard in the blue light car, I didn’t think who he really was.”

Devanjan started practicing regularly with a few people in the middle of March under the coaching of Ajay Babu. After a few days of practice, the fake IAS arranged the match by spending money and renting the field. Ajay Babu said that he chased the umpire with the bat when the umpire dismissed Debanjan at the beginning of the match. The rest of the coaching camp would have approached him in his mood.

Here too, Debanjan Dev gave a flood of promises. He brought a letter from the Cricket Association of Bengal or CAB and showed it to Ajay Babu. The gist of the letter was that the CAB had allowed the Calcutta Municipality to play the club. Debanjan requested Ajay Babu to take charge of the municipal team as a coach. Besides, he promised to employ four such people in the municipality by practicing in Nandan Milon Bithi.

He asked all the documents including the application form from the four of them. He said the four would have to join the municipality on April 15. But later said to wait a few days for assembly elections. Then Devanjan took a few more days as the lockdown started. But now after knowing everything, all his students including Ajay Babu have fallen from the sky.

Soujan Mondal

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