Manoranjan Bapari: Many in the party used to campaign for BJP on the phone! Trinamool MLA injured in ‘sabotage’

# Hooghly: In fact, he is exceptional. He used to drive a rickshaw at one stage of his life. That man is the next author to be the MLA of the ruling party of the state. Power is in his hands, but his feet are still on the ground. Since becoming a MLA, he has been constantly running to stand by the people. Netizens are already talking about this MLA. From the very beginning of his political career, MLA Manoranjan Bapari has made it clear that he will work for the people of Balagarh irrespective of their party affiliation. This time, as he clarified his position on Facebook, he also gave an extreme message to those who have sabotaged the party.

He wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, ‘I am the MLA of Balagarh. I have to look at all the development aspects of Balagarh region. There should be no discrimination in this case. We have to build a road on which all people will walk irrespective of their party affiliation. Expensive cars will run from Auto Toto. Street lights should be installed, arsenic free drinking water lines should be delivered from house to house. Schools have to be built, medical system of hospitals has to be improved. All the responsibilities of the region have been handed over to me. ‘

But the entertainment dealer has made it clear in today’s Facebook post that many within the party had sabotaged the voting market. He wrote, ‘BJP CPM Congress we have a lot of understanding left with them. They are our familiar enemies so there is nothing to fear. But those who have been hiding in our party – secretly supporting the BJP in exchange for interests, money, bribes – those who have stepped up to join the BJP, for various reasons the BJP did not take them – who called and pressed the BJP’s number three button, all the news slowly reached us. Coming soon. ‘

Referring to Sirajdaullah, Manoranjan wrote, ‘We have identified them. It will not be possible for me to walk together with them. Sirajdaullah had seventy-five thousand troops, but he had to lose to three thousand English soldiers – some of whom were traitors. In the coming days, there will be a struggle to build a party of unfaithful and dedicated workers.

One day Mahasweta Devi rode in a recreational rickshaw. Wanted to know the meaning of the word jijibisha. Wanting to know that changes the life of the entertainer. Jail-episode also came to life. But the ‘Dalit writer’ of Bengal has left that life. His past life has come up in various books like ‘Another World’, ‘Gizibisha’s Story’. This time Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee nominated the entertainment businessman who became a literary man from a rickshaw puller. Even in the preaching period, everyone noticed his running. It is also reflected in the ballot box. Manoranjan snatched the victory from Balagarh in an unimaginable way. But the Trinamool MLA of Balagarh made it clear on the day that after winning the election, many tried to prevent that victory.

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