Online Class Teacher Dress: What kind of clothes should teachers wear in online class? School instructions …

#Kolkata: This time the school authorities have made a dress code for teachers to take online classes The schools have to take such action only after the parents complained about the teacher’s uniform Dress code 6 is made for teachers Many schools have already issued several guidelines for taking online classes

Allegedly, a teacher of Bidhannagar Government High School was wearing only trousers while taking online class He did not wear any shirt or T-shirt The students and their parents are very upset Education From this school, complaints are being lodged against the teacher to the headmaster He was not properly prepared when he took the class, everyone complained

Sujoy Biswas, principal of Ram Mohan Mission School, said the school was instructed to conduct online classes in a manner similar to the way teachers used to conduct classes. Students are instructed to wear uniforms, as well as those who are taking classes. Sujaybabu said that this rule cannot be broken

On the other hand, there is a policy book at St. Augustine School on Ripon Street There are also a number of rules for teachers Teachers are required to wear a tie with a shirt during online classes and teachers are not allowed to wear sleeveless clothing in any way. The school’s principal, Richard Gaspar, said the rules should not be violated during online classes.

There are such instructions for the teachers of the schools Krishna Dhimani, vice-chairman of the South Point School Managing Committee, said teachers were informed of all the rules in detail last year. So far no problem or complaint has been lodged against them

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