Rajib Banerjee: BJP’s mega meeting in two days, is Rajib Banerjee returning to the crease this time?

#Kolkata: Rajiv Banerjee is the center of attraction again overnight with a sudden pairing of the team. There is no end to the speculation about Rajiv’s activities a couple of days before the state BJP meeting on June 29. For now, the question is whether Rajiv will be present at this meeting or not. According to sources, Rajiv Banerjee has said in a close circle that he will consider the matter if he has not received the party invitation yet. According to BJP sources, the aim is to increase the party’s communication with Rajiv. Rathindranath Bose, the party’s general secretary, has already been given the responsibility of coordinating Rajiv. Rathin, however, told News18Bangla that he was in constant touch not only with Rajiv Banerjee but also with the presence of the so-called top leadership of the party at the meeting. He talked to Rajeev in the same way, and Rajeev agreed to take part in the meeting.

In that case, it should not be a surprise that Rajiv Banerjee appeared at the last meeting on June 29 after overcoming all the grievances, arrogance and distance. On Friday, Rajiv Banerjee sent a double letter to the BJP leadership. One of the letters contained a list of BJP workers who had been displaced in the Domjur area. Another letter was in an envelope. Many say that in this letter Rajiv Banerjee has actually stated his position.

Rajiv Banerjee left the Trinamool before the vote and joined the BJP. But after the vote crash he was literally wiped out from the party’s routemap. He continues to avoid all the activities of the team. Rather, his contacts with grassroots leaders were public. Rajiv Banerjee spent a long time at Kunal Ghosh’s house. He was present at the mourning ceremony for the death of Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee’s mother. Although Rajiv said that the meeting was courtesy of Nehat, there was a lot of speculation in the political arena that Rajiv might want to return to the grassroots. The reason for the speculation is that Rajiv had posted a few days ago criticizing the social media team.

But even though Rajiv wanted to return to the grassroots, there were many thorns. The Trinamool supremo himself has expressed anger over Rajiv’s resignation. He ordered an investigation. In this situation, if he is brought back to the team, the credibility of the team will not be in question, this is when we started talking, Rajiv became active again. This time, however, it is time to turn around anew, looking at the political circles of Bengal.

Sourajyoti Banerjee

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