Sudip Roy Barman VS Biplab Deb: Is there strict action against Sudip Shibir who is close to Mukul? Extreme speculation in Tripura

#Agartala: He did not come to the meeting called by the Chief Minister. He is explaining step by step that he does not have so much confidence in Biplob Deb. This time, BJP state president JP Nadda is going to take action against Sudip Roy Barman, a disgruntled MLA from Tripura, who is close to Mukul. One daily claimed that the state BJP’s recommendation could reach JP Naddar from the BJP’s provincial office by Sunday. The recommendation would seek action against the Sudip Brigade for alleged breach of discipline.

The incident started on Friday afternoon. A meeting of the pre-arranged parliamentary party was called at 4:50 pm that day. The two-hour long meeting was attended by 10 out of 36 MLAs. Sudip Roy Barman and many of his camp did not come. The meeting was called by Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Dev amidst speculation in the political arena. The meeting discussed in detail how to further promote development work. Many in the Sudip camp have avoided the meeting. Besides, it is being heard that during his visit to Assam, Sudip explained his anti-revolutionary attitude to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Bishwasharma. He also visited Delhi recently.

There is a lot of speculation about the 26 people who came to Friday’s meeting. Tripura’s various dailies also discussed the demand for a few MLAs to be made Chief Minister before or after the meeting. However, the veracity of this news could not be verified. But it is clear that this is what Sudip Shibir wants.

Political circles say that Sudip wants to put pressure on Biplob Shibir. This is why he is taking steps openly. Observers say the BJP’s crisis is imminent if Sudip Shibir gradually takes over the party. If Sudip leaves the BJP with the party, then the Tripura government may also collapse. Aware of this, the state BJP wants action against Sudip and his followers for violating party discipline in the wake of the central leadership. All in all, that’s why Jamjamat tensed the inside of the Gerua camp in Tripura.

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