TMC District President reshuffle: Next week, the district president Badal Trinamool, the first step to implement the one person one post policy!

#Kolkata: There is a lot of speculation about the change of Trinamool district president. According to sources, the name of the new president may be announced next week. It is learned that there is a possibility of reshuffle of several district presidents (TMC District President reshuffle). The one-man-one-post policy was announced earlier from the grassroots. In formulating that policy, this change is to ensure the strengthening of the district organization. Who will go, who will get new responsibilities, this is the speculation for now. Trinamool sources said that the activities within the party are also in full swing around the change of president.

The Trinamool has undoubtedly done well in the 2021 assembly elections. But it is not difficult to understand that the BJP, which is in the opposition with 6 seats, will not leave the land easily. In that case, the Trinamool supremo himself wants to strengthen the organization in the districts. The meeting of the core committee on June 5 was to formulate a one-man policy. This time Ghasful Shibir is going to implement that program in July. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But naturally the question is will one person be able to introduce grassroots at all? The ground report says that in many cases, there have been individuals who have handled both party and administrative responsibilities effortlessly for more than a decade. Sudden removal of responsibility from him at this moment could damage the structure of the team. Therefore, even if some exceptional decisions have to be taken, that is the news of the source.

Some people may be given more than one responsibility temporarily. However, the main goal of Ghasful Shibir is to relieve the ministers from the extra responsibility of performing their administrative duties intensively. And selecting a separate organizer for the district organization who will be engaged in the task of strengthening the grassroots. For now, their names are on the waiting list.

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