TMC Quick Response Team / Saayoni Ghosh: Quick Response Team, Saayoni Ghosh

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Quick Response Team is being formed in the districts this time. This initiative is being taken mainly with the members of the youth organization. According to sources, this team is being formed in every district. This team will be by the side of people in any disaster. Youth president Saayoni Ghosh has already held a meeting with the district youth presidents on the issue.

The Trinamool Congress has returned to power with a huge majority. But Mamata Banerjee does not want to slow down the work of the organization. Rather his desire is to create three generations that will work for the people. This quick response team is actually its implementation. This program is aimed at fulfilling the promise of being by the side of the people in the manifesto before the 2021 assembly vote.

Many people across the state are facing various difficulties due to the Corona situation. The Quick Response Team will work in the districts to ensure that the general public gets the medical services they need, and that the elderly get help in times of crisis. They will be led by the youth leaders of the district. And Saini Ghosh is responsible for observing the whole matter.

However, the ever-present Saini is not at all worried. In his words, the team leader has always said that we have to work for the people from the side of the people. We want to do the job of standing by that side in the face of danger in the Corona situation.

Saini is confirming that there will be no gain in politics. The immediate goal is to help people in emergencies. But whatever Saini says, political circles say, this project is two-way. Because on the one hand, just as being by the side of danger will be considered as an ideal public relations, so the youth leadership will emerge from the work of the people. Trinamool supremo wants the new generation to come up with vitality like Saini.

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