West Bengal Forest Department: ‘Royal Guest’ is coming to the box from Assam! A bunch of new ventures from the forest department …

#Kolkata: Corona Kalei guest coming to the state! They definitely want to stay in this Bengal in the future. However, he is not a guest. Absolutely royal guest. According to the State Forest Department, 20 Royal Bengal Tigers are coming to Buxa Reserve Forest. They were supposed to leave Assam before Pujo in this state. The address of 20 Royal Bengal Tigers brought from Assam will be Buxa Tiger Reserve. This is where their orientation program will run. That means adapting to the weather.

Assam is not much different from Boxer forest. There is some variation in the forest environment and tree density. However, forest officials say the royal guests will have no difficulty staying here. There will be no shortage of weather-nature and food. In addition, for the past few years, efforts have been made to build the Buxa project as a tiger sanctuary. The Buxa project includes a large number of deer, wild boar, sambar and gaur. As a result, the food-eater ratio is normal here. As a result, there will be no shortage of food for the Royal Bengal Tiger in Assam.

State Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallick said efforts were being made to increase the number of tigers in the state. The number of Royal Bengal in Assam has increased. So tigers are being taken from neighboring states. We want to create a permanent breeding center in the Boxer Protected Forest. Incidentally, it has long been claimed that there are tigers in the Boxer forest. If the project is successful, there are plans to bring tigers to the Neora Valley. It is learned that out of the 20 tigers that will be brought, there will be 14 females and 6 males. Boxer Jungle is one of the largest in the north. It extends to the Bhutan border. However, there are leopards in this protected forest, according to the forest department. At the same time, there will be no tigers and cheetahs in this forest. According to the state forest department, the number of elephants and rhinos has increased. This time the state also wants to increase the number of tigers.

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