Debanjan case, all private vaccination camps closed in the state today!

#Kolkata: The state government has taken a stand after the arrest of fake IAS Debanjan Deb, the main panda of Kasba vaccination fraud. Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi has strongly instructed the district governors of all the districts of the state to ensure that the people of the state do not fall prey to vaccination fraud in any way. Not only that, after the incident of Debanjan Deb, the officials of the health department are sitting in an important meeting on this day. That is why all the private vaccination camps in the state have been closed on Monday. Only public and private hospitals are being vaccinated on this day. As a result, ordinary people are in trouble in many places.

It has already been made clear by the state government that whether the corona vaccination centers are run by the state government or privately, all the vaccination centers have to be approved by the administration. Vaccination centers must have an approved CVC number and and must use ‘cowin’ software. At the same time, it has been instructed that the vaccines to be given to the general public should have a specific batch number and date of expiry.

The district magistrates have already been directed by Navanna to alert all the municipalities in this regard. In other words, the state government has made it clear that after the Debanjan incident, whether it is a government or a private initiative, everyone has to follow a specific protocol for vaccination.

It is learned that the Health Secretary may issue a detailed advisory to this effect soon. Health officials can make the full form of that advisory by sitting in a meeting on Monday. According to sources, Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi has instructed the district governors to crack down on vaccine fraud. Strict surveillance has also been announced to prevent any recurrence of the incident.

On the other hand, after the stern attitude of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the police have added the charge of attempted murder against four people, including Debanjan Dev, who was arrested in a fake vaccination case. The court also granted the application of the police Besides Debanjan Dev, the mastermind of the fake vaccine case, police have also arrested three of his associates Each has been charged with attempted murder under Section 306 along with several other sections

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