Fake IAS Debanjan Deb: Millions of rupees to get the tender of the municipality! The promoters are also in the grip of Debanjan

#Kolkata:Traveling in expensive cars with blue lights, living a very luxurious life, doing social work, 75,000 monthly rental offices, where do the workers’ salaries come from? What is the source of money of fake IAS officer Debanjan? The practice of giving free vaccine started when it became public. After the arrest of Debanjan, one shocking information after another is coming up after questioning him. There are allegations of cheating in the name of getting a job as well as cheating millions of rupees to get a tender. The promoters fall into the trap.

Investigating officers summoned the three deceived promoters to Lalbazar on Monday. Debanjan collected money from these 3 promoters. He collected 40 lakh, 30 lakh and 26 lakh rupees from 3 people respectively. But what other money did they give? Did Devanjan threaten there as IAS? Or did they give that money for some other reason? It is being investigated. Besides the promoters, the detectives have also summoned two bank officials today.

Interrogations by detectives have revealed allegations of fraud in the name of getting jobs, as well as fraud in the city’s medium-sized construction companies in the name of getting municipal tenders. Debanjan introduced himself as the joint commissioner of the municipality. Police are talking to 3 promoters today. The arrested Debanjan took Rs 40 lakh, Rs 30 lakh and Rs 28 lakh from these three. Later Debanjan used to target the promoters. These three are among them. 40 lakhs, 30 lakhs and 26 lakhs from three people.

Meanwhile, Debanjan bought a domain in September 2020. Debanjan admitted in the interrogation that he bought the domain as soon as he opened the fake e-mail ID of the municipality. A fake e-mail ID named [email protected] was created. However, he did not create a website even though he had an e-mail ID. Used ‘.org’ in e-mail id to increase credibility. deputy [email protected] – This mail id was created in November. Debanjan will buy the domain two months before that, i.e. in September. Two months later the e-mail ID was created from that domain. Incidentally, Debanjan bought the domain only when everyone was under house arrest in the lockdown. When the demand for masks and sanitizers peaks, these fake IDs are created in the name of social service to gain credibility with various businessmen.

Information support: Sukant Mukherjee.

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