Fake IAS Debanjan Deb: What was going on across the closed room of Debanjan’s Kasba office? Many people will see the forehead!

#Kolkata: Gradually the screen is moving from one fraud after another of Debanjan Deb. The police are setting up an investigation. Fake IAS officer Debanjan Deb’s Kasba office, which had been closed for so long, was allowed to open on Monday. Kolkata police detectives opened the office room with permission from the Alipore court. From the information that the investigators have so far received in this case, it is expected to get much more evidence from that house than the nature of the investigation. In a word, it is the laboratory of Debanjan’s counterfeit business.

According to sources, the house has high quality digital printers, scanners and computers. Each of the government documents was scanned or designed by DTP, prepared by a Devanjan worker named Piyush. Other workers were not allowed in the room. Many say that much more evidence will come out of this office than what the police have received so far.

There are several employees who did not want to be named who used to work in that office. According to them, Devanjan used to be the head of the Information and Culture Department. Never again as the Joint Commissioner of the Corporation. The letterhead of the IASS is written in golden letters in that cell. There are also pads and envelopes with Ashoka pillars in this room. There are various tender notices and tenders. There are also lots of voter lists.

Many have claimed that the names of several promoters and influential leaders on the ground floor will come up once the house is opened. This time the eyes of the investigators will be on Piyush. Some of the employees of the office who used to design the government net as much as Piyush used to say that Devanjan used to do the work by threatening Piyush to lose his job. Piyush, being the son of a very poor family, was probably doing this under the pressure of an ‘influential IAS officer’. This is indicated by many of the staff in this office.

Sources in the investigation say that Debanjan was running a fake office in parallel with the Calcutta Municipality. But what was the goal? That is still not clear. But there is no doubt that many contractors and promoters in the city and suburbs were trapped by Debanjan.

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