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#Kolkata: Musician Kabir Suman was admitted to hospital on Sunday night with shortness of breath and sore throat. It was suspected that he had Kovid. Eventually his report came back negative. His oxygen level suddenly dropped to 90 on Sunday night. There was also fever and sore throat. He was also having difficulty in eating. So he was rushed to SSKM’s Woodburn ward last night. The 63-year-old artist was kept in cabin number 103.

He was admitted to the hospital and underwent rapid test. Although the report was negative, his RTPCR test was also done. That report also came negative on Monday evening. However, an X-ray of his chest showed some respiratory problems. Other tests are also done on the singer. He is being treated by Soumitra Ghosh, the chief physician of the medicine department. A two-member medical board has been formed under his leadership. Kabir Sumon is a patient of COPD. He also suffered from respiratory illness a decade ago. He also has multiple ailments due to old age. However, at the moment there is nothing to panic about.

After receiving the news of Kabir Sumon’s illness, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to see him at the hospital on Monday afternoon. Mamata went straight to the cabin and met him. According to sources, he got to know the latest condition of Kabir Sumon’s body by talking to the doctors Besides, he also talked to the sick artist for a while Mamata Banerjee was in the hospital for about thirty minutes.

On this day, Kabir Sumon’s physical condition has improved a lot He is being given about 8 liters of oxygen per minute through a face mask The level of oxygen in his body has also increased to 96 percent However, doctors are a bit worried about Kabir Sumon’s throat infection. As news of the artist’s illness spread, his fans began to express concern. Many have already prayed for his recovery. The veteran is active enough on his Facebook. The singer often shares his own songs.

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