Mamata Banerjee opens up on fake vaccination case 3 ‘No concessions to anyone’, fake vaccine case: Mamata

#Kolkata: No one involved in the fake vaccine case will be given a discount On this day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave such a strong message This is the first time the Chief Minister has opened his mouth in this regard At the same time, he admitted that the police and the municipality could not avoid their responsibility in the fake vaccine case. The state government has also warned the Kolkata police and the municipality, the chief minister said

The Chief Minister said, “Those who do such things are not human beings.” I do not want to bring their names Call them cheaters without calling them by their names No concessions will be made to anyone involved. “

The chief minister, however, claimed that the allegations against the government were not true Mamata Banerjee said, “The government is not involved in this in any way.” The government has taken strict action after finding out Seats have been formed 6 I myself have spoken to the Commissioner of Police several times Those who are cheaters take pictures with the leaders of all parties in this way So that it is convenient to deceive people The militants also came in a car with a red light during the attack on the parliament.

However, Mamata Banerjee has advised the general public to be careful He also thanked MP Mimi Chakraborty for bringing the matter to light However, the Chief Minister refuted the BJP’s demand for a CBI probe into the whole incident. He countered, “Let the CBI investigate first and see who dumped the bodies of Corona patients in the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh.”

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