Mana-Indrani warns of mudslinging in fake IAS case

#Kolkata: Mana alias Ashok Chakraborty vs. Indrani Saha Bandopadhyay’s quarrel is raging in North Kolkata. Two grassroots leaders have been named in the fake IAS Debanjan Dev case. According to sources, the party is angry over the manner in which the two are throwing mud in front of the media. According to sources, both have been warned. A top leader of the party said, “What these two party workers from North Kolkata are doing is an exaggeration. The party is above all. The party must take appropriate action if party discipline is violated.”

Incidentally, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has asked the police to take strict action in the Debanjan case. In this context, the police is investigating who Debanjan had contact with. Indrani, however, says the team is aware of the whole situation. The team is keeping an eye on everything that is happening. So he is ready if the team gives any instructions or asks to investigate. However, Mana alias Ashok Chakraborty of Taltala says that Indrani’s associates are doing all this to prove her politically bad. So he is also approaching the law. He said he was ready to go to the high court. All in all, the Taltala Library premises were busy till Sunday night.

Meanwhile, MLA Nayana Bandyopadhyay has lodged a complaint with the Debanjan Kande police station alleging that the name of Mana alias Ashok Chakraborty has been added to the list. However, all the people who were given jobs by Devanjan Taltala are sitting with their mouths locked. Ashok Chakraborty alleged that members of the club close to Indrani Saha Banerjee were given jobs worth Rs 400-600 per day or Rs 18,000 per month. Mana alias Ashok Chakraborty sent the form asking for a job. But where did that form fill up? Investigators are looking for.

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