North Bengal weather is likely to be bad, how will South Bengal?

#Kolkata: On the first day of the week, the meteorological department also forecast scattered showers with thunderstorms in Kolkata on Monday. The same forecast is for several districts of South Bengal. The city recorded a low of 26.7 degrees Celsius on Monday, one degree above normal. The maximum temperature may be 33.4 degrees Celsius. The maximum amount of water vapor in the air can be 94 percent. There is a risk of lightning in different districts. The Meteorological Department has advised to stay in a safe place during rains with thunderstorms after a series of lightning strikes in the state in the past few days.

If this is the case in South Bengal, then there is a possibility of heavy rains in the districts of North Bengal. Landslides can also occur in some mountainous areas. Not only that, the rising water level of the river is not going to eliminate the risk of flooding.

According to the weather office forecast, after the first innings, the monsoon is moving towards the second innings (West Bengal Monsoon). In the first innings of the monsoon, the whole of Bengal was soaked in the continuous rain, many areas were submerged. There was also the effect of depression with the monsoon winds. However, the weather office said that most of the impact of the monsoon in the second innings will be in North Bengal.

Meteorologists are also fearing landslides in the hilly areas as heavy rains are forecast in North Bengal. According to them, the water level of the river may also increase. As a result, there is a possibility of another natural disaster in Bengal. Several areas of North Bengal may be flooded due to rising water level. Heavy to very heavy rains are expected in Jalpaiguri, Kochbihar and Alipurduar in the north on Monday. It is also reported that the rain may increase again from Tuesday. Heavy rains are forecast in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Alipurduar, Kochbihar, Dui Dinajpur and Malda. Besides, there is a possibility of intermittent rain in South Bengal.

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