Ram Nath Kovind discloses income tax amount he pays every month Salary 5 lakh, how much money does the President pay income tax per month? Ramnath Kobind told himself – News18 Bangla

#Kanpur: The President of the country gets a salary of 5 lakh rupees per month Many people may know this information But how much money does he pay income tax per month? Ramnath Kobind himself gave that information to encourage the general public to pay income tax According to the President, he pays income tax of around Tk 2.75 lakh per month

President Ramnath Kobind visited Uttar Pradesh on a three-day visit His main purpose was to go to his village home near Kanpur and spend time with relatives and friends On the way back, the President’s special train stopped at Jhinjhak town near Paraonkh village, the birthplace of Ramnath Kobind. A small event was also organized at Jhinjhak Town Station There, the President requested the public to pay income tax properly

“A lot of times when a train doesn’t stop at a station, people get angry and set the train on fire,” he said. But who is harmed if a train is set on fire? Everyone will say it is government property But in fact it is a train made with taxpayers’ money Everyone knows that the salary of the President of the country is the highest among government employees But the president also has to pay taxes I get a salary of 5 lakh rupees per month. Everyone knows that But every month I also collect Rs 2.75 lakh in taxes. ‘ After hearing this statement of Ramnath Kobind, the gathered people also supported him with applause

However, the President further said, ‘Then what happens to my savings if I pay so much money in taxes? Our officers earn more than what I save I am giving so much explanation because this tax money is the development of the country.

Visiting his village on Sunday, the President said he had never imagined that an ordinary boy like him born in a village would occupy the top position in the country. Ramnath Kobind also became emotional after his birth After reaching his village by helicopter, he landed on the helipad and touched the ground with his hands. That picture was also tweeted on behalf of the Rashtrapati Bhavan

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