Sukhendu Sekhar Roy alleges is conspiring to divide Bengal Governor ‘conspirator’, trying to divide Bengal! Now the cannon of Sukhendushekhar – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The clash between the ruling Trinamool Congress and Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar escalated. Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy has directly accused the governor of plotting to divide Bengal. The Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP also alleged that the governor was misleading the people by misinterpreting the law. On the same day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee again spoke out against the Governor He also accused the governor of being corrupt He also raised the question, why did the Governor visit North Bengal at this time? The governor also retaliated After that, at a press conference, Sukhendushekhar Roy accused Jagdeep Dhankhar of conspiring to divide Bengal.

The governor visited Darjeeling last week Before leaving Darjeeling on that day, he made explosive allegations, saying the GTA was a hotbed of corruption. Jagdeep Dhankhar also warned the CAG to investigate the discrepancies in the GTA’s financial transactions. He also became vocal about the underdevelopment of North Bengal After that the debate started

Mamata Banerjee also questioned the governor’s visit to North Bengal from a press conference in Navanna. For the past few days, BJP MPs from North Bengal have been vocal in demanding a separate state for some of the MLAs. He also questioned why the governor had gone to Darjeeling at this time and with whom he had met. However, the governor returned to Calcutta but remained steadfast in his statement He replied to the Chief Minister in a press conference

Shortly afterwards, Sukhendushekhar Roy retaliated against the governor He complained that the Governor was conspiring to divide Bengal by going to North Bengal You abide by the constitution Respect the Chief Minister, stop condemning the state administration You are conspiring against the people of Bengal You went to Darjeeling under the direction of BJP You are secretly consulting with the separatists who want to divide Bengal. And since your return, those separatist leaders have taken to the streets to demand the partition of Bengal It is heating up the environment of North Bengal You are a conspirator You are conspiring to divide Bengali Your behavior is clear in today’s press conference. “

The governor also replied to the governor’s allegations of financial corruption in the GTA He demanded that as per the rules, the governor would seek a report from the chief minister once a year Because the concerned department is in the hands of the Chief Minister

On the same day, the Chief Minister brought charges against the Governor for being involved in the Jain Hawala case The governor countered that his name was not on the chargesheet in the case The governor also accused the chief minister of making false allegations Sukhendushekhar Babu, however, countered, ‘The governor is probably telling half-truths He said his name was not in the chargesheet of the case But he did not say whether he was involved in the case. Sukhendusekhar Babu, however, said that he was raising this question as a lawyer

The governor has repeatedly lashed out at the state government over post-poll violence Sukhendushekhar Babu counter-claimed on the day that Jagdeep Dhankhar was trying to influence the High Court, the Supreme Court and the Human Rights Commission by repeatedly making such allegations.

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