The top slab is complete, with the construction of the airport metro station nearing completion

#Kolkata: The work of making the upper slab of the airport metro station under construction was completed. Rock casting work was completed in the lockdown chapter This time the work was done to make the top slab. The construction work of the Barasat-bound metro from Noapara to the airport has been in full swing in the last few months. During Pujo, the roofing work of the underground airport metro station was completed. This time the work of making top slab was over.

Construction of the top slab began last December. After the lockdown, it was completed with the help of 20 transit mixer machines. 1400 cubic meters of concrete has been used. A few days ago, the roofing work on the metro station of the airport was completed. In about 25 hours, the 40-meter-long, 36-meter-wide, and one-foot-thick roof was completed. Metro officials claimed that the construction of the concrete roof was technically quite challenging.

The construction work of Noapara-Airport Metro route has come a long way. The construction of tunnel is underway in the area adjacent to Gate No. 1 next to the airport. Earlier, local trains used to run from Dumdum Cantonment to the airport on this route. Local train service was stopped in 2016. Now that unused part is being demolished for Metrorail work. Using the diamond cutting method, the pillars were cut 64,65,6. 6 engineers and 48 workers have worked continuously for this work. Along with this, construction work of subway from airport station to Jessore Road has also started Work has started to make a diaphragm wall for him. Metro service from Noapara to Dakshineswar will be launched this year. On the other hand, the metro service will be launched as soon as the work of the airport metro station is completed. The Prime Minister himself had inquired about this project a few days ago

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