Why did you go to Nizam’s Palace? Mamata filed an affidavit in the High Court on the direction of the Supreme Court

#NewDelhi: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had filed the petition in the Supreme Court in the context of the Narada case. But the country’s highest court asked the chief minister to appeal to the Calcutta High Court again in the case. The apex court also directed the Calcutta High Court to hear Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s plea in the Narad case earlier. In that context, the Chief Minister applied to the Calcutta High Court to file an affidavit on the same day. Law Minister Malay Ghatak and the state government have also filed an application in the High Court with him.

On behalf of the Supreme Court, it was clarified that Mamata Banerjee would have to file a fresh application before the larger bench of the Calcutta High Court by June 26. His affidavit must be submitted. An advance copy of the affidavit should be sent to the CBI by June 28. The Narad case will be heard in a larger bench of the High Court on June 29. The Supreme Court has directed to hear the Chief Minister’s plea before hearing the original case. Accordingly, the Chief Minister applied to file an affidavit in the Calcutta High Court on the same day.

The Narad case is being heard before a five-member bench of the Calcutta High Court headed by the Chief Justice. There has been a request from the CBI to remove the Narad case from the state. But the state government wanted to file an affidavit opposing the CBI’s request but was not allowed to do so. In the case, the state government and law minister Malay Ghatak claimed they had the right to state their case against the CBI’s allegations. The CBI had alleged that the Chief Minister and the Law Minister had led a massive protest in front of the CBI office after the arrest of four leaders in the Narad case on May 16.

After that Mamata approached the Supreme Court. In her affidavit to the apex court, Mamata Banerjee said that she had gone to the CBI office after the arrest of Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee in the Narad case, but not as the chief minister. He went there as an acquaintance of the accused and their family. He did not even sit in a dharna outside the CBI office in Kolkata despite the CBI allegations. He also alleged ‘false allegations’ against the CBI.

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