BJP Meeting: BJP’s state committee meeting today, all eyes are on Rajiv-Kailas

#Kolkata: BJP State Committee meeting is going to be held on Tuesday. Multiple central leaders are also expected to be present at the meeting. So it was naturally thought that this meeting would discuss the vote crisis. However, what has happened inside the team has happened, not to analyze the results, the aim of this meeting is to find the source of coordination among those who are in the team.

BJP all-India president JP Nadda, Amit Malviya and Kailash Vijayvargiya can virtually attend the meeting. The BJP does not want the party’s disagreement to be exposed in front of them, let any unwelcome situation arise. According to a BJP leader, the meeting was to tidy up the house, not to quarrel.

The BJP is already trying to coordinate with all the leaders. Rathindranath Bose, the general secretary of the party, has been given the responsibility of this work. He has even contacted Rajiv Banerjee. At the moment, there is a lot of noise in the political arena about whether Rajiv will come to this meeting or not.

It is heard that Rajiv has expressed interest in coming to this meeting. However, he was waiting for a formal invitation from the team. He has already given a couple of letters to the team to show activism. So it would not be a surprise if he is present at today’s meeting. It should be understood that Rajiv wants to concentrate on BJP.

The turn of blaming and counter-blaming started inside the BJP to meet the vote. Posters were read in various streets of Kolkata against Kailash Vijayavargiya. Many party leaders have openly fired at him. The list of speakers at today’s meeting did not include the name of Kailash Vijayavargi. It remains to be seen whether he will end the meeting, but whether local leaders will vent their anger against him.

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