Dilip Ghosh compares Kashmir with Bengal for political violence Violence has overtaken Kashmir in Bengal, Dilip’s complaint! Trinamool replied – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Violence after the vote in Bengal has overwhelmed the unrest in Kashmir! Such allegations were made by BJP state president Dilip Ghosh He made the remarks while addressing a meeting of the BJP’s state committee on the same day He asked why only Kashmir did not create a situation like Bengal in any other state of India The way Dilip Ghosh once again compared Kashmir with Bengal has sparked a new political debate.

According to the BJP state president, the post-poll violence in Bengal is “historic”. On this day, he said, ‘The violence that is taking place in Bengal is historic There is no limit to it This has not happened in any other state of India In Kashmir, which has been burning for forty years, there has not been so much violence Eighty thousand of our workers and supporters are homeless About 11 thousand complaints have been submitted But the police here are so ruthless that they don’t even want to take an FIR So we have approached the Supreme Court, the High Court, various agencies like the Human Rights Commission. It is true that the police are repatriating the evicted people on the orders of the High Court, but they are being written on white paper that nothing has happened.

Governor: BJP state president has sided with Jagdeep Dhankhar in the state conflict as expected. Dilip Ghosh said, “The governor has taken to the streets, gone to the districts, listened to the suffering of the people. He is being humiliated for that, he is being maligned The Chief Minister is not going to be left out either His councilors are impressing him Even people in a constitutional position have to be humiliated. “

Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh, however, retaliated against Dilip Ghosh He said, “Dilip Ghosh is speaking unrealistically after losing the election by the verdict of the people.” There is no discussion in the BJP meeting as to why he lost the election Find out why you lost the vote, read the writing on the wall They are now making imaginary allegations at the behest of Delhi to cover up their own failures.

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