Fake IAS Case: Debanjan took bodyguard as fake IAS, work order had KMC logo and hologram


#Kolkata: Debanjan’s notoriety caught in the vaccine case is far-reaching Debanjan Deb said in the interrogation that he had hired a security guard company in Beliaghata under the guise of a fake IAS. In January 2021, an ad was given for bodyguards through a portal online The security provider company then contacted Debanjan Debabrata Maitra, senior manager of the company, said that when he went to meet Debanjan at the Kasba office, he had to make an appointment in advance. A blue light car was parked outside the office You had to deposit your mobile phone outside and go inside In just three days, the tender was received with fake documents Where the work order had KMC logo, hologram Fake tender for three-month contract for bodyguard Even paid from wbfincorp every month. “

34 thousand rupees per month for that bodyguard which is about 40 thousand rupees including GST However, Debanjan did the termination after two months even though he asked for three months The reason is that the old bodyguard has returned Officials of the company claim that Debanjan kept bodyguards from January 6 to March 7 this year. Even though it is a 3 month contract, it says after 2 months it will not be needed Devanjan claimed that he was an IAS officer who had received bodyguards from the government. He needed bodyguards. The owners of the company think that working with government officials will be a good reputation That’s why the company agreed to the contract Work order was given to that company with fake KMC logo A company official said Devanjan was busy Didn’t give more than fifteen minutes He used to say that he should not be called all the time Because he is a very busy man

From this company, a bodyguard named Arvind Vaidya, a resident of Sonarpur, was sent to PSO for Devanjan. Officials at the company said they would co-operate as needed for the interrogation in Lalbazar In this way, Devanjan introduced IAS not only to the police, leaders and ministers but also to social life. Detectives believe that the fake IAS network’s notoriety is far-reaching Debanjan was interrogated by the officers of the seat of the Calcutta Police According to police sources, a new charge of cheating has been filed against Debanjan on Hair Street Allegedly, Debanjan did not pay for the purchase of masks and sanitizers worth Rs 12 million from the stockist. It has been learned from the interrogation that in 2020, he had more than two crore transactions in his bank account. He took a loan of Rs 20 lakh from ICICI with fake documents A total of 12 people have been interrogated in Lalbazar today Some of these Devanjan workers and former workers have been questioned According to them, Debanjan took money in the name of giving a job After that, it was learned in the interrogation that he made them employees in his own company

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