Fear of the third wave! Adults need to be careful for children, says the pediatrician


The third wave of corona can prevent children from being infected only when adults are careful, like pediatrician Joydev Roy. According to him, the first two waves of the corona have not been less common in children. As a result, just like the first two times, you have to be careful at home for the third time. Statistics say the second wave of coronaviruses is coming to an end. But even then, experts are sounding the alarm. According to them, this deadly virus is going to change itself for the third time. That is the third wave of the corona. Experts fear that young people will be most affected by the third wave. Especially children. Meanwhile, after eight children were attacked by corona in Kolaghat, an atmosphere of panic has been created all around. Many have expressed concern that the third wave of corona has started! But eminent pediatrician Joydev Roy says there is no reason to be so worried from now on. According to him, since the children have not been vaccinated yet and for some other reason, everyone is expressing this concern. “The first and second waves of the corona have affected children,” he said. So it is not a new thing for children to be affected by corona. Regarding the Kolaghat incident, Dr. Roy said, ‘It is just an incident. The houses of those children should be isolated and action should be taken now, otherwise it will not spread. But how will it be possible to keep children away from the outbreak of the third wave? “The children have been at home since the lockdown was announced,” he said. School is closed, if anyone could learn dance songs, it is also closed. But the elders did not go to the office court but went out to market. Therefore, Corona entered the house through the elders. Dr. Roy said to be careful here. According to him, ‘this is the place where adults have to be careful about the third wave.’ At the same time, if you want to see if the mask and sanitizer are being used properly by the children. Then it will be possible to keep the children away from the third wave of the corona.

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