‘Headmaster’ Shuvendu Adhikari will take the class in Hastings this time

#Kolkata: This time Shuvendu Adhikari is in the role of headmaster. Courtesy BJP’s Parliamentary Party Training Camp. Yes, this time Shuvendu Adhikari is going to take the class of MLAs. Shuvendu will hold talks with the new MLAs on July 3 in the Sutra assembly. Not just talking, like an experienced teacher, Shuvendu will explain to them what to do during the session of the assembly, who can fulfill any responsibility. Sources said the meeting will be held at the BJP’s election office in Hastings.

The parliamentary leaders hold such meetings in the assembly. Almost like Benazir, Shuvendu is taking the first meeting to Hastings. Why this decision of the opposition! Like the political circles, there is an atmosphere of mistrust in the assembly, which is why Shuvendu wants to take this meeting to Safe Zone Hastings. It is being said that this arrangement is to give first hand training to the newcomers in the assembly. Manoj Tigger claimed, “There are some political issues in the discussion of the parliamentary party. The meeting is being held in Hastings instead of the Legislative Assembly to discuss them.”

However, political circles say that there is politics in taking this class. The conflict between the Shibir and the BJP is quite obvious. Most of the 84 people who will strengthen the hands of the Shuvendus in the assembly are not so-called Shuvendu-followers. Naturally, there are issues of factionalism among these MLAs. But the next thing to do is to keep the coordination. Moreover, in addition to explaining the responsibilities of such public relations, the issue of expanding the sphere of influence cannot be ruled out.

Although he was present in the assembly on Monday, Shuvendu Adhikari avoided the all-party meeting. He also held a meeting with BJP parliamentary leaders. But he was not seen in the all-party meeting. He was not present at the BA committee meeting. There is a lot of speculation in the political arena as to why Shuvendu skipped the meeting.

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