Madan Mitra On Governor: ‘Governor should leave Bengal in seven days’, Jagdeep Dhankhar targets Madan!

#Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar is facing one attack after another from the ruling party today after the tumultuous clash between the Governor and the Chief Minister on Monday. On the same day, Madan Mitra once again taunted the Governor. Kamarhati Trinamool MLA likened Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to a ‘crazy elephant’. In his words, “He is ruining the glory of the palace. He is focusing more on ‘foreigners’ than on his own work.”

Commenting on the interpretation of ‘parakia’, Madan Mitra said, “He is unnecessarily interfering in the affairs of the government by not fulfilling his duties as the governor. He should leave the state in a day and he will go. ” At the same time, Madan said, “All the allegations he is making are baseless. If he can show any evidence of an attack by the opposition in my or any other assembly constituency, I will accept whatever punishment he will give. Madan challenges the governor.”

“I would say he should increase his security. There are a lot of elephants coming out of the jungle. So he could be in danger if an elephant enters the city. That’s why I think his security should be increased.” Madan Mitra attacked the governor in this language in a sarcastic tone. Responding to a question from reporters after a function at the Calcutta Press Club, Madan Mitra also said, “No other state has a place of peace like Bengal, no matter how vocal the governor may be about violence in Bengal, including the presidential rule.” He said that the people of Bengal have given their answer in the assembly elections.

Madan Mitra wants to remind the governor that the Center and the BJP have shown a lot of power before the polls. But the people of Bengal have confidence in Mamata Banerjee. Criticizing the role of the Governor, Madan Mitra said, “I respect his position and say that many governors have been in Bengal before. But like the current Governor, he is not doing his job but focusing on other issues. “No matter how much he tries to humiliate the state government or Mamata Banerjee, his attempt will fail.”

Incidentally, various leaders and ministers of his party from the Chief Minister are occasionally involved in clashes with the Governor. The governor is also giving a strong answer. This time Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra targeted the governor.

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