Prabir Ghoshal | Prabir Ghoshal on the way to Rajiv, avoided the BJP meeting

#Kolkata: Prabir Ghoshal avoided the BJP state committee meeting. Although he was invited, Prabir Ghoshal could not be found physically or virtually when the meeting started on that day. He said he could not attend the meeting due to personal problems. He also informed the team about that. Like in the political arena, Prabir Ghoshal is clearly keeping his distance from the BJP due to personal problems. This distance has been created for a long time.

Prabir, who left the Trinamool Congress before the election to express his anger towards the party, started opposing the BJP to hold the elections again. After the election, when Abhishek Banerjee’s friendship with Mukul’s son gradually matched, Prabir also did not hide his anger. Prabir Ghoshal said that BJP state president Dilip Ghosh did not even know about his miscarriage. But Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee personally explored her situation.

Ever since this incident, the political circles have been saying that in fact Prabir is interested in clearing the old misunderstanding and returning to the old party. However, the team has not yet made a decision on his return. Mamata Banerjee has made it clear that the return of comparatively moderates to the party could be considered. He has tied up, taken money before the election or slandered the party, they will not be given a place in the party.

It is not yet certain which team Prabir will join. His respectful love affair with Mamata Banerjee was long overdue. However, despite leaving the Satya Dal, she did not directly oppose Mamata Banerjee, but said she was respectful of him. The rest is kept in the womb of the future for now.

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