Rajib Banerjee | BJP Meeting: Rumors are coming, Rajiv Banerjee did not come to BJP’s mega meeting at last

#Kolkata: Political circles across the state were looking at whether Rajib Banerjee was present at the BJP state committee meeting today. Finally Rajiv Banerjee poured water on all speculations. In the end he was not seen at the meeting, Rajiv even avoided the virtual presence. Therefore, it can be said that the BJP’s attempt to coordinate Rathin Basu died on the ground. Asked about Rajiv’s absence, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “He was invited. The link was sent. It is not possible to say why he did not come. There is no response from Rajiv Banerjee yet.”

However, anger over his absence from the meeting is not suppressed. “I have said before that those who were recruited from the Trinamool Congress have not been judged on their merits. Now those who are sitting idle have no chance to return to the Trinamool Congress,” he said today. It looks like the state leadership may still be swayed by them. ” Though he did not give his name, the finger of blame is on the BJP.

On the other hand, Anupam Hajra came out in opposition to Rajib by name. In his words, “I will not support Rajiv Banerjee’s return to the BJP. The image of those who are now looking forward to returning to the grassroots will be tarnished if they are taken back. Moreover, those who are still homeless and beaten cannot be held accountable.”

A few days ago, Rajiv Banerjee sent a pair of letters to the party. One letter had a list of evacuees, the other was given in a cover envelope. Many think that Rajiv Banerjee gave this letter to clarify his political position. Speculation has started in the political arena that Rajiv is not able to make a place in the grassroots and now he wants to start a new innings actively in the BJP. But Rajiv himself did not come to the meeting and poured water on that speculation today.

Rajiv questioned the party’s position after the referendum. At the same time, he was seen visiting the houses of grassroots leaders like Kunal Ghosh and Perth Chatterjee. Although Rajiv himself called the matter a courtesy call, the political circles were speculating that Rajiv wanted him to be accepted by the grassroots, a party that was flexible towards him. Needless to say, Rajiv did not get the green signal.

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