The all-party meeting was not called, the insulted Nowshad Siddiqui says the politics of revenge

#Kolkata: He is a newcomer to politics. He is the only winning representative of the Left-Congress ISF United Front. But the assembly is practically denying Bhangar MLA Nowshad Siddiqui. Siddiqui, the MLA of the United Front, was not invited to the first all-party meeting of the newly formed assembly. Siddiqui, angry and insulted over the issue, wants to draw the attention of the speaker. He also wrote a letter to Speaker Biman Banerjee to this effect.

Nowshad wrote in the letter that he came to know about the all-party meeting in the media. But did not receive any formal invitation. Nowshad wants the speaker to shed light on this issue.

Nowshad's letter sent to the Speaker. Nowshad’s letter sent to the Speaker.

Note that Perth Chatterjee is explaining the matter, if the party will be called. Gajmam is a party so its representative has been called. In other words, he does not want to acknowledge the existence of Nowshad’s party. Nowshad was stunned to hear the matter. He argues that on the day of the swearing-in, when he filled out the required form, he gave the name of the party that won the election. Those in charge also know these. According to Nowshad, the symbol in which I fought the vote is the symbol of a political party. The Election Commission also recognized him. Nowshad thinks it is being done in revenge.

Note that this is not the first time, Nowshad has brought allegations of bias before. Earlier, he had said that he has not yet got a seat in the Legislative Committee of the Legislative Assembly. Nowshad stood for the first time and won from Bhangar in South 24 Parganas. This representative of the Left-Cong Hein Morcha in the assembly is the sapphire of the Morcha. According to the sources, although others have got seats in various committees as usual, Nowshad has not got a place in 41 committees yet. Naturally the question arises why this inequality!

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