TMC MLA visits SSKM hospital to see the singer ‘I want you’! Madan Mitra met Kabir ‘Sumon’ at the hospital and said …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: He himself was admitted to cabin number 103 of Woodburn Ward of SSKM Hospital a few days ago. On Tuesday, Madan Mitra went to see his favorite ‘friend’ Kabir Suman in the same cabin. The Trinamool MLA of Kamarhati spent some time in Woodburn block again today to check the health of ‘Ganwala’. He also shared the picture on social media.

Sumon’s fans are also quite relieved to hear that she is Covid Negative. The artist himself was feeling a bit healthy that day. In the meantime, a friend’s visit. Madan Mitra went to SSKM Hospital in the afternoon. Lying on the bed, the ‘singer’ spoke to him. Sumon was in a joking mood even with her sick body. He was also seen holding hands with Madan Mitra.

Madan Mitra shared the photo of the meeting with Sumon on his Facebook profile. In the caption, the MLA of Kamarhati writes, “Come back and sing the song of the people – I want you. You have left a lot. Don’t give up, friend. Leave your voice. I will see you again in the morning of my new song.”

He was rushed to SSKM Hospital on Sunday night due to sore throat and shortness of breath. Kabir Sumon was feeling unbearable pain in his throat. There was shortness of breath. That night Sumon’s Rapid Antigen Test was done. The result was negative. Then RTPCR test is done. It took some time for the results of that test to come. The result of that test on Monday night also came negative. According to hospital sources, the artist’s fever has decreased. However, he has a throat infection. Sumon is undergoing treatment under the supervision of Soumitra Ghosh, Chief Physician of the Department of Medicine.

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