BJP leader Dilip Ghosh attacks Mamata Banerjee on Student Credit Card Scheme rc, Dilip Ghosh on Student Credit Card Scheme: Student Credit Card Scheme announced without thinking

#Kolkata: As promised, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday launched the Student Credit Card Scheme from Navanna. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has questioned the reality of student credit cards after the announcement of the project, saying that the people of Bengal should suffer for the project.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Dilip Ghosh said, “The government has launched a scheme. Doubts will be expressed about that. Either this project will be closed in the middle, or it will be number two. He also said that he would give 500 rupees to the housewives. He told us to give 1000 rupees to the tribals in Jangalmahal. Once given, since voting now says no more money. And such schemes have been done in different states. In Gujarat. Interest is discounted. It is natural for us to have doubts when he himself has expressed doubts about the project being launched. This is not a real project. This will not close the hole.

Dilip Ghosh’s question, ‘What a frustrated and desperate Chief Minister can be understood by looking at Mamata Banerjee. This student scheme has been offered in Gujarat for a long time. It is also given in Assam. Here in the scheme the borrower, if he cannot repay it, who will take the responsibility? Will the government take it? Whatever the situation here, studying, job, business, there is no way to do anything. So how will the students repay this loan? He announced without any thought. The people of Bengal have to suffer for it. It will be the same again. ‘

On the same day, students will get loans for higher education for a period of 15 years under the Student Credit Card Scheme announced by Mamata Banerjee. Up to a maximum of 40 years of age, this student can apply for a loan through a credit card The Chief Minister said that the student will be able to apply for the credit card only after passing the Class X board examination. This credit card will then be available for loans for undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, research, competitive examinations.

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