BJP Meeting: 3 to 6, not self-examination, tonic of self-satisfaction in BJP state committee meeting

#Kolkata: The BJP did not enter into a state committee meeting to find out the cause of the failure. No results were publicly reviewed. Rather, the rise of the party is highlighted. The party has reached 3-6, with this message in front of it, BJP all-India president JP Nadda practically slapped the state leaders on the back.

The BJP entered the fray with the dream of 200 seats. But the dream has remained elusive. 6 seats came in hand. Two of them have already resigned from the MLA post. Mukul Roy has left the party. In other words, there are 64 seats in hand now. Top BJP leaders want to see the Left Opposition emerge as the main opposition party with 64 seats in the two-seat assembly.

The BJP has no choice but to forget the failure of the political establishment to keep the organization strong and highlight the positive aspects. The reason is that several central leaders were also present at the meeting. It was the central leaders who formulated the BJP Bangla voting strategy. When it comes to defeat, they have to record their failures. This is why the BJP wants to get rid of its failure and look ahead. Asking why everyone is locked in this issue, the party leaders said, there have been review meetings in the past. However, sources said that in past meetings, these leaders had said that the Boothwari results had not come yet.

It is to be noted that Rajiv Banerjee has avoided this meeting of BJP even after coming. Various comments have been heard about him from the leaders who came to this meeting. However, no one in the meeting discussed the party’s policy stance on Assad from the grassroots as a whole. The vote is over, now is the time to make a clear decision, but why everyone is silent! According to the political circles, even though Rajiv did not come on that day, Sabyasachi Dutt and Jatu Lahiri came. The BJP wants to honor their presence. Moreover, starting from different committees of the parliamentary party, many people from other parties have got big posts in various organizational places. They are in this position in terms of acceptability and experience. Criticism of them is virtually impossible.

Shuvendu Adhikari, however, walked against the current. Shuvendu spoke about the legislative review of the failure. He wanted to discuss at the booth level.

By-elections and municipal elections are ahead. The BJP does not want elections before tidying up the house. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But if so, minimal preparation is required. That is why Shuvendu Adhikari wants to focus on organizational deviation.

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