Chief Ministers Medal: Top 4 police officers to get ‘Chief Minister’s Medal’! Let Kurnish know that you too …

#Kolkata: Police Day is coming. Every year on this day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee honors the best police officers in terms of skills and qualifications. However, no big event is taking place in Corona this year. However, the Chief Minister is again awarding four police officers as the best officers for their success in the investigation. The ‘Chief Minister’s Medal’ and certificate will be handed over to the best officers at various departments of Kolkata and State Police. This year, four people have been selected for that honor

The four police officers who are being awarded the Chief Minister’s Medal for Efficient Investigating Officer this year are Gautam Ghoshal, a CID DSP. He is being honored with ‘Life Time Excellence’. Inspector Sandeep Kumar Gangopadhyay of CID has also been selected as the best investigating officer of CID.

Similarly, Hemant Kumar Sharma and Shyamal Kumar Mandal are being honored as the best investigating officers among the various police commissionerates. The Home Department has already instructed each department to hold a small ceremony and hand over the certificates and the ‘Chief Minister’s Medal’ to the officers.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly highlighted the relentless work of the state police force in the Corona and Lockdown situation. He said that without the concerted efforts of the police administration, such a large epidemic could not have been tackled. Doctors, nurses, health workers as well as policemen have played an important role in this epidemic. That is why the Chief Minister has already declared them as ‘cowardly warriors’.

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