Deda sells blue lights for only 800 rupees! Benium’s business leaked in sting operation – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: There are 6 guidelines of the Supreme Court There are also rules and regulations But he writes everything down That is why fraudsters like Devanjan Devas are getting blue lights to put in cars As a result, ordinary people, even the police are becoming fools when they see such cars on the road

According to a section of the police, the black market is going on with this blue light Searching, it was found that anyone can put this light on the car if they really want

Mallikbazar area 6 above AJC Bose Road, famous for its car parts News18 Bangla correspondent 7 attacked there with a hidden camera And in that sting operation, it was understood that Deda was selling the blue light without showing any thumbs up to the government rules.

A search of various shops in Mallikbazar revealed that different types of blue lights were available for Rs 800 to Rs 2,000. Price 7 according to the quality Blue flashers with LED lights range in price from থেকে 1,000 to ২০ 2,000 Red or blue lights are being sold in one shop after another in Oli alley of Mallikbazar

Just a red or blue light, 50 to 100 rupees from the computer to the police, the Central Vigilance Commission and various stickers. Many people are falling into the trap of cheating by sticking all these fake stickers on the car

When I went to a similar shop in Mallikbazar and asked for a blue flash, one of the vendors said that if you buy a small light, the price will be 700 rupees and the big light will cost 1000 rupees. According to the seller, this flasher has a system that can be opened or mounted on the head of the vehicle as required. According to the seller, it is called magnetic system I went to another small shop in Mallikbazar and saw that there were printers for making fake stickers. The person in the shop said without any hesitation, you can make any fake sticker starting from the police

In the past also, police operations have been carried out in Mallikbazar to stop such illegal activities Even after that, business has started again Despite the statewide outcry over the Kasba fake vaccine scandal, it is clear that the Mallikbazar traders are not following the rules. Police arrested a young man from Theater Road on Tuesday night for allegedly posing as a fake officer of the Central Vigilance Commission, even after Devanjan Deb. His car also had a Central Vigilance Commission sticker affixed to it The extent to which such stickers or blue lights are readily available became clear with the raid on Mallikbazar.

Sukanta Mukherjee

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