Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar gives stern letter to Biman Banerjee ‘Follow constitutional rules’, Governor sends strong letter to Assembly Speaker – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: This time Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar gave a stern letter to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Biman Banerjee. He alleged that Biman Banerjee had lodged a complaint against the Governor for interfering in the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly during a meeting of the Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies of different states with the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. In the letter, Jagdeep Dhankhar has strongly protested against it He also expressed some frustration over the role of the principal

The governor alleged that Bimanbabu had complained to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha against him for interfering in the work of the Legislative Assembly, but never informed him about it. In the letter, the governor wrote to Bimanbabu, ‘Your allegation is completely untrue Especially on the stage where you have made this complaint, it is against your rank I’m surprised you never felt the need to discuss the matter with me. ” The Governor himself tweeted this letter sent to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Addressing the Chief Minister, he wrote, “Adherence to constitutional norms is essential for democracy and the rule of law. I urge the Speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly to work together with courtesy so that the main objectives of the Constitution can be fulfilled and the development of the people can be ensured. ‘

The governor, in a letter to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, reminded him how he had to go to the Assembly and return as the gate was closed despite the pre-arranged announcement. He went to the assembly later but did not meet the principal The governor also compared the state of emergency to the way the media was not allowed to broadcast the governor’s speech live at the beginning of the budget session. The governor also claimed that the allegations made against the governor by the principal in the media for acquiring the Dunlop factory and blocking the anti-mass beating bill were incorrect. He also gave a detailed explanation in support of his claim

At the end of the letter, the Governor wrote to Biman Banerjee that as soon as the letter was received, the Speaker should send it to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and other state speakers. So that they too can know the statement of the Governor in the light of the allegations made by Biman Banerjee

The governor’s clash with the state government has intensified over the past few days Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has publicly leveled serious allegations against the governor The ruling Trinamool Congress has also sharply criticized the governor This time, the governor’s clash with the speaker of the state assembly also seems to have escalated.

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