Housewives no longer have to go to fetch water, CM’s ‘Swajal Gram’ will be implemented

#Kolkata: After Nirmal village, this time Swajal village. The state’s public health and technical department aims to turn all villages in the state into water villages. In every village of that village pure, drinking water will reach. There will be no problem with water. All those villages will be declared as water villages. The state government has set a target that every village will be self-sufficient within the next five years.

House to house water tap. Drinking water of ‘water dream’. With this slogan in mind, purified drinking water will be delivered to all villages and every house. The state has handled three disasters, Amphan-Corona-Yas. The government has said that the development of Bengal will not be stalled. Last year, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched the new project Jalaswapna for the residents of rural Bengal. Under this project, water will reach two crore people in the village within the next five years, the Chief Minister said. At the same time, employment will be created in the villages. He named this project ‘Jalaswapna’. Through this project, purified water will reach two crore people in the village. The project worth Tk 56,000 crore is being implemented under the Public Health and Technical Department. The Chief Minister said it would take five years to complete.

He also explained why it would take so long. This project will work in rural Bengal. This project will bring pure drinking water to a lot of people. So the Chief Minister mentioned that it will take a lot more time. The Chief Minister of Bengal also referred to this ‘water dream’ project as his ‘dream project’. He said, “Dream about this project. Feel proud. Compose songs. If the water dream is realized, mothers and sisters will not have to go far to fetch water. Employment will also be created. ”Chief Minister Kurnish informed the people of the state about this initiative. According to political circles, the BJP has clashed with the grassroots in the 2021 assembly elections. The BJP fought hard. Narendra Modi himself used to make fun of water in villages. Trinamool supremo and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has given a masterstroke through ‘Jal Swapna’ to fill the votes of rural Bengal with 2024 in mind.


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