How One can be Social Media star with right set of Eyewear

The digital world has been growing and it will continue to create more opportunities for its users
in coming years. As per recent study by DataReportal the number of social media users
in India has increased by 78 million (+21%) between 2020 and 2021 and new guidelines set by
ASCI, social media influencer will play key role in determining consumer behavior. However, it
requires a lot of efforts to be a popular social media influencer. You have to build a strong
rapport among the public and keep your feeds interesting, unique and relevant. You have to
spend all your time and energy in thinking something out of the box and coming up with some
creative unique content every time you post so that you remain talk of the town.
Due to nationwide lockdown situation, all the social media influencers are creating their own
setups at home for content creation. They need to give due importance to the aesthetics within a
frame and styling as well while doing a photo shoot. For all lifestyle influencers, presentation is
extremely important as they are the trend setters and whatever they put up is seen and followed
by million. They try to create fashion trends, which can be easily followed on their feeds. Here
an eyewear plays an important role to assist the influencer in styling. As an accessory, it can
accentuate one’s looks and make one stand out among the rest. The world of social media is
about right content and a beautiful capture. A right pair of eyewear has the magic to give you
your most desirable look, which you want to portray through your social media feed. A proper
eyewear can even make your style look unique by enhancing the outfit that one wears and these
are such accessories that can never go out of trend.
Considering and choosing the right pair with perfect color, design, material and size is very
important because eyewear can differ from person to person depending on their complexion, face
shape, face size and definitely their personal preferences. Here are a few styling tips that would
help you choose the perfect pair for the perfect pose:
 Basic rectangles, cat-eye designs or big cheese frames are the ones which most of us
have at home as they never go out of fashion. These if perfectly paired with nude make-
up can give the desired casual look for your regular social media feed.
 Eyewear in shapes such as rectangles, ovals and almonds in traditional colors like black,
brown and grey would suit someone who would like to create corporate look or work
from home styles.
 Modern geometric styles with bigger and thick funky colors are for the ones who plan to
do regular trend styling content or home interior content. The geometric style can lend
your personality an overall edgy look. Also, you need not have to worry if your face size
is smaller because bigger frames are in trend now.
 For young content creators, oversized eyewear or hipster styles in catchy colors would
create a perfect look without going top board. Whether you are a high-school going
teenager or a college-going student, this style range would suit you perfectly.

 A pair of black round sunglasses can go well if one is creating content with a tinted filter.
A floral background with add-on can heighten the overall look to get the desired vintage

With ongoing condition, we all are going through different challenges but it is extremely
important to keep the work going and keep our spirits high. We need to constantly opt for
creating opportunities possible from the given situation and keep the journey of life

Written by Ms. Pammi Jamalpuria, VP-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab, pioneer of
international eyewear brand, Nova Eyewear

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