‘If someone is sick, Modiji wants to kill the people of Bengal’, Dilip stabs Mamata in fake vaccine case – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The administration of Mamata Banerjee has been strict from the very beginning with the fake vaccination drive in Kolkata. He first said the government had no hand in the incident. However, the municipality and the police administration cannot avoid the responsibility for such a big incident happening in front of their eyes. Not only that, his government will take strict action against Devanjan and his associates, he indicated. However, the state’s opposition BJP has questioned the government’s role from the outset. State President Dilip Ghosh raised the same issue on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference on Devanjan Deb’s blue-lit car, Dilip Ghosh said, “We need to find out how many fake blue lights there are first. I see that people are walking around with blue lights in Gramegonj too. Modiji has stopped the red light culture at the center of our government. Then they challenged us to use the red light. The red-blue-green light is on, it should be investigated how accurate and which is false.

Dilip Ghosh also commented on the incident with Mayor Firhad Hakim. He claimed, ‘The vaccine was given by the corporation’s office, but it is not a vaccine at all. How can this be? Cars, logos, nameplates are all official. What is it? It can’t happen overnight. The man who introduces himself as joint commissioner, sitting with the mayor, does not know if there is a commissioner. How many commissioners are there in the corporation? That means they gave him that information and everyone is sharing it. Who knows how many more nets there are. ‘

Besides, Dilip Ghosh’s statement targeting Mamata Banerjee said, ‘If he had not been caught, someone else would have fallen ill, he would have said that Modiji wanted to kill Bengalis by sending this adulterated vaccine. They did not get this opportunity. Everyone knew that his MP was the victim of that incident. But what does the government think about the rest of the people who were given this vaccine? There is no such scam in Gujarat. Will such fraud continue for 5 years? People understand now. Mamata Banerjee’s words are changing. Does he understand anything? There is no logic in the words.

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