Mamata Banerjee alleges central government is not supplying sufficient vaccines to Bengal Three crore vaccines in Uttar Pradesh, why less than one crore in Bengal? Compassion on the allegation of deprivation – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Uttar Pradesh has been given a dose of 3.5 crore vaccines Maharashtra has received 3 crore doses Why 2 crore vaccines were given to Bengal there? Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has again voiced her allegation of vaccine deprivation against the Center. He claimed that due to the shortage of vaccines, the vaccination program is not going to be carried out properly The chief minister also directed the chief secretary to send a letter to the central government again demanding adequate number of vaccines.

The Chief Minister himself raised the issue of deprivation of vaccine at a press conference in Nabanna on the same day He said the allegation that the state government was not giving the vaccine to the people was completely baseless. The Chief Minister refuted this allegation with proper information and statistics

“Until yesterday, we have given 2.17 doses of vaccine in the state, both in the public and private sectors,” she said. They say we are not even getting the vaccine We have so far received 1.99 crore doses of vaccine Of this, 1.90 crore doses of vaccine have been given Today and tomorrow we are giving only the second dose in Kolkata as there is no vaccine. The chief minister said the state government had bought the vaccine directly on its own initiative at a cost of Rs 59 crore to administer the remaining 1.7 million doses of vaccine.

The Chief Minister claimed that Bengal was number one in the country in terms of the number of vaccines received by the state and the number of people vaccinated. Despite this, Mamata complained that many other states are getting more vaccines from Bengal The Chief Minister said that Uttar Pradesh has received 35 million doses and Maharashtra has received 3.12 doses of vaccine. I don’t mind that Pak Even smaller states like Bengal and Rajasthan have received more vaccines than us. Why do we get less than one crore vaccines? They are defaming Bengal, they are not vaccinating Bengal. The angry chief minister further alleged that the state government had long ago asked the Center for 30 million doses of vaccine but it was not forthcoming. The state’s initiative has already vaccinated 4 million ‘super spreaders’ like vegetable sellers, hawkers and car drivers, the chief minister said.

The Chief Minister also responded to the opposition’s allegations against the state over the fake vaccine camp He said, ‘They are talking big about fake camps That is an isolated incident The government has nothing to do with it When fake videos, dramas and violence are alleged, how much action do you take? If anyone tweets against the only BJP party, he makes an FIR “No one else can show the courage that the state government has taken in the wake of the fake vaccine scandal,” he said.

Mamata Banerjee also hinted that there may be a BJP conspiracy behind the fake vaccine scandal. The Chief Minister said, ‘There is a conspiracy going on here The BJP has been manipulating its own people and using various agencies to tarnish the image of Bengal no matter what happens.

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