Mukul Roy | BJP MLA is still in the register, where will Mukul Roy sit in the assembly!

#Kolkata: The budget session of the assembly is about to start. What will be the bird’s eye view of the budget, how will the finance ministry sort out the budget in this cowardly situation? He is still a BJP MLA. As a result, the information says that he has to sit in the opposition seat to avoid the anti-defection law. That is to say, will the veteran leader Mukul sit next to those with whom he has a relationship today, those who are grieving at every moment? According to sources, the place is being chosen considering all aspects. Which place?

As per the rules, in the second gallery to the left of the speaker, on the very first bench of the opposition seat, where Abdul Mannan and Nepal Mahato Asit Majumdar used to sit, the Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari will sit. Opponents will surround him. Mukul will sit at a distance.

Sujan Chakraborty, Ashok Bhattacharya and Anisur Rahman used to sit in the seat to the left of the seat reserved for the Shuvendus. From what is still being heard, Mukul Roy will sit in this seat. He will probably be seen in Sujan Chakraborty’s seat.

Needless to say, various courts come to the assembly with seats, many people want to reserve seats in advance for various reasons. According to sources, no court has come from Mukul Roy. If there is no big change at the last minute, then Mukul Roy can be seen in this seat.

Before Mukul Roy, Subrata Mukherjee was similarly the mayor of the Trinamool-run Calcutta Municipality, but he was also a member of the Legislative Assembly Congress. He used to sit in the seats allotted for the Congress. Despite repeated demands to remove him, the Congress could not take practical action against him. Meanwhile, the BJP has more than one problem with Mukul Roy. He has been made a member of the Public Accounts Committee in the Legislative Assembly. Many think that even the chairman can be made. The BJP does not want to see Mukul in this seat. But in the end, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to break Mukul’s war.

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