Two birds with one stone! Along with Tata, two more cancer hospitals will be set up in the state, as well as in North Bengal

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee killed two birds with one stone. After coming to power for the third time in the state, the BJP MPs of Bengal have turned their backs on the demand for a separate North Bengal. Although the BJP demands, it is the personal demand of the MPs. However, as the MPs say, North Bengal was deprived during the Trinamool government. At the same time, the opposition has repeatedly targeted Mamata Banerjee over the departure of Tatas from Singur. On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata answered both questions. He said the state government is building two more cancer hospitals in the state with Tatas. One of them will be in the SSKM Hospital in Kolkata, for the other he has chosen North Bengal.

On the same day, he said, ’25 percent of the people suffering from cancer in Bengal go to the Tata Hospital in Mumbai for treatment. We have therefore contacted Tata Memorial. In our state, there will be one SSCM and another in North Bengal – a total of two cancer hospitals in a joint venture with Tata.

Meanwhile, BJP MP John Barla has withdrawn from the demand for a separate state in the face of various pressures. But this time he has been vocal in his demand for AIIMS in North Bengal. Alipurduar BJP MP John Barla visited the road at New Alipurduar station on Monday. There, he alleged, the central government had given permission to set up an AIIMS hospital in Raiganj. The state government moved the AIIMS to Kalyani.

He claimed that North Bengal was deprived even during the Left period, even during the Trinamool era. Barla claims that Union Home Minister Amit Shah wants to do AIIMS in North Bengal. However, the state has to give land for this. He said if the state did not cooperate, there would be a movement against him. However, on the same day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced a cancer hospital in North Bengal in a joint venture with the Tatas. As a result, on the one hand, he was able to lighten his ‘anti-Tata’ allegations, and on the other hand, he gave a positive message for North Bengal.

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