Vaccine is a ‘weapon’ in the polls, BJP’s call for siege of Calcutta Corporation!

#Kolkata: Trinamool leaders are directly involved in the Kasba vaccination case. The BJP has already made allegations. A case has already been filed in the Calcutta High Court demanding a CBI probe. Not only that, BJP leader Sayantan Basu warned the Kolkata police, ‘We cannot be stopped. I will besiege Lalbazar with one lakh people next month. Let’s see how much power, show it. ‘ Immediately after that announcement, the BJP also called for the siege of the municipality. Gerua Shibir has called for the siege of Kolkata Municipality on July 5.

For the time being, the BJP is taking the program of municipal campaigns across the state, starting with the Calcutta Corporation, with a bird’s eye view. They want to start the program in the districts from July. According to the political circles, the BJP started a ‘warm up’ with the pre-vote to strengthen the party and the organization.

Incidentally, the BJP has repeatedly said that if anyone had died with a fake vaccine, the Trinamool Congress would have blamed it on the central government. It was said that the Modi government had sent fake vaccines and that is why he died. The Gerua camp alleges that grassroots leaders and ministers are involved in the fake vaccine scandal.

Leftists have already spoken out against the fake vaccine in Kasba. The leftists protested in front of the municipality two days ago. The protesters also tried to break the barricade. Demonstrators with the police. Left activists sat in front of the municipality’s main gate demanding a memorandum in protest of the fake vaccine scandal. Earlier, they also staged a protest in front of the health building. Demonstrations were held in front of the municipality with fake syringes.

Incidentally, MP Mimi Chakraborty himself fell into the clutches of fraudster Debanjan Deb after he was vaccinated in a fake vaccine camp. After getting vaccinated at the Kasbar Vaccination Center, he started to feel unwell. He said 24 hours had passed since the vaccination but he had not received any certificate. Even the registration information did not come to the mobile number. And this is the problem of the actress. After that he approached the administration. He also informed the police. Finally, the real fame of Devanjan Deb, who runs a fake vaccine cycle under the guise of IAS officer, comes to light. The fraudster was arrested from Kasba. The opposition brought various pictures of grassroots leaders with him and then called the meeting. This time the BJP called for the siege of Calcutta Municipality on the same basis.

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