Dhankhara targeted in Hawala case, then the main accused died! Trinamool is watching the mystery

#Kolkata: Governor-state conflict in Bengal has reached a new height since Monday. From Navanna, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee alleged that Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar’s name was in the chargesheet of the Jain Hawala case. Later in the evening, the governor held a press conference and claimed that his name was not in the chargesheet. The Chief Minister is giving false information. However, Binit Narayan, a journalist and activist of the anti-corruption movement, thanked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for bringing the Jain hawala case back to the forefront. “I thank Mamata Banerjee for her courageous steps,” he said. In a video message, he also accused Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar of lying directly. Surendra Kumar Jain, the main accused in the Jain Hawar case, died on June 26. And this time the ruling party Trinamool is also seeing the mystery in that death.

On Thursday, Trinamool MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, “The main accused in the case died after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee named the governor in the Jain Hawala case. Now the question is, is this death normal or is there something else behind it, it should be investigated. In the words of the Trinamool MP, ‘Dhankhar has a name with the incident that happened with the protection of the country, the protection of the people. Is this Dhankhar Governor Dhankhar? Our governor is still not giving an answer.

Incidentally, after the arrest of Hizbul militant Ashfaq Hussain Lone from Kashmir in 1991, it was learned that the money came into the hands of the militant organization through Hawala. Ashfaq further said that the money was coming from an industrialist named Surendra Kumar Jain. The investigation revealed that Jain’s relatives were also involved in the hawala. The detectives conducted a search on the basis of Ashfaq’s statement. Two diaries and two notebooks of Jains were found. When, to whom, how much money was given, it was written by Jain. And that list was explosive. Dhankhar was the name in that list.

On the same day, Sukhendu Shekhar said, ‘According to the Jains’ calculations, Dhankhar took money in three or four installments. Who is this treasure? Is he our governor? Why aren’t you answering? ‘ On the same day, the Trinamool has released a picture of Arvind Vaidya, the security guard of Devanjan Deb, the main accused in the fake vaccine case with Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. Sukhendu Shekhar also alleged that gifts and envelopes were delivered to the palace through the security guards. Meanwhile, in the Jain Hawala case, the Trinamool joined the governor.

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